Monthly Archives: January 2017

Music to my ears

Today in music 1 Neverland were very excited to learn to play a range of musical instruments. They read and sang the rhyme ‘Hey, diddle, diddle.’ After this the children played a musical accompaniment to the rhyme. We discussed their favourite instruments. At the end of the lesson, we then listened to Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens at the end of the day. We then listened to the story ‘Peace at Last’ and thought about all the different noises in the story and what instruments we could use to make these sounds.

Brainstorming in Literacy

Today we read the story, ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ by Giles Andreae and then thought of actions we could use at the same time as we reread parts of the story.  We then discussed the animals in the story and their body parts and how we could use adjectives to describe the animals. We gathered ideas for writing an animal description by brainstorming and created our own mindmaps. 

3D Shape Shop

Today in Maths, 1 Neverland learnt about 3D shapes. The children imagined they were shop keepers and were going to open their own 3D shape shop. They worked hard to make common 3D shapes out of playdoh or plasticine and then wrote name labels and price tags for their shapes.

Awesome Animals

Today we started our new Science topic on animals. (Some of the children thought they already knew all the animals in the world, however realised there were lots more animals in the world when they came across photographs of a newt and red salamander, amongst others.) Neverland looked at a range of animals and after identifying them, they discussed their similarities and differences and thought about how they could group the animals based on what they had in common, for example number of legs. The children then learnt how we can group animals with skeletons into mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish. We discussed the things that animals belonging to each of these groups have in common. Following this, 1 Neverland carried out a sorting activity and tried to group different animals based on their features. 

The children were fascinated by some of the animals and raised interesting questions…How does the stingray eat, where is its mouth…gills…eyes? Where does a crocodile lay its eggs and how big are they? What country do they live in?  The children were all surprised to learn humans are animals and that a whale is a mammal and wondered how it could breathe. We talked about how we could answer these questions and used google to find facts and short video clips to help us learn some of the answers.

Magical Music

This afternoon 1 Neverland learnt about the instruments that make up an orchestra. They then had a special visit from Mr Fisher who showed the children some different brass instruments. We all enjoyed listening to Mr Fisher talk about and play the instruments. After this 1 Neverland listened to Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev and thought hard about what instruments were making the sounds.