Monthly Archives: November 2016

Fantastic Finding of Fractions of amounts

This week the children have been learning about fractions. Today 1 Neverland pretended they had giant pizzas and pizza toppings and use these to help them work out fractions of amounts.


Florence Nightingale

Today, we continued our work on Florence Nightingale. We learnt more about Florence’s work and how hospitals have changed. We then discussed why Florence Nightingale is an important person in the past. 1 Neverland then carried out a sorting activity to see if they could recognise the differences between hospitals now and then.

Florence Nightingale

Today we started our new history topic on Florence Nightingale. Florence visited 1 Neverland to help them learn about hospitals and nursing in the past and some of the changes she had helped bring about. The children found out about Scutari Hospital and what it was like before Florence Nightingale started to make changes. They then carried out a short role play, pretending to be Florence and wounded soldier.