Monthly Archives: October 2016

Fraction Chefs

Today Chef Godfrey popped into 1 Neverland and asked for the children’s help to run her fraction sandwich shop and see if they would make good fraction chefs. After discussing fractions, the fraction Chefs all buttered a whole slice of bread, covered it with very sticky jam and then cut their piece of bread in half. Fantastic fractions!



Gunpowder, treason and plot!

Today Guy Fawkes visited 1 Neverland and helped them learn about the gunpowder plot. The children then worked in small groups to prepare a short role play about Guy Fawkes, which they performed in front of the class.

Jewish Festival of Sukkot

Today the children learnt about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. They carried out a whole class role play and pretended they were slaves who were then freed and spent 40 years wandering accords the desert until they found Israel.1 Neverland then worked in small groups and built a special sukkah hut and placed a meal inside for the family to eat. We then discussed special meals that the children have eaten with their families.

PSHE -Staying Safe

Today we continued work on our new PSHE topic, ‘Staying Safe, Keeping Safe.’ As part of this 1 Neverland watched a video clip about road safety. They then discussed what they needed to do to stay safe when near roads and how to cross roads safely. The children identified that zebra crossings and traffic lights were the safest places for them to cross a road with an adult.