Monthly Archives: September 2016

Great counting

1 Neverland have been working in small groups. They have used Numicon and Cuisenaire rods to help develop their counting skills.


Awesome adding

This week, 1 Neverland have been learning to add. They began by making up their own adding stories using small world animals. Then they used the Numicon to help them represent their stories and find a total.

Sensational Senses

Today in Science, 1 Neverland discussed our sense of smell and smells that we disliked and liked. We realised that many of us had different favourite smells, but that many of us had a food as our favourite smell. We then carried out an investigation and tried to identify a range of mystery smells. We recorded our thoughts in a table.

Magical Maths

Today 1 Neverland developed their number knowledge and counting skills. After writing their own number cards,the children then helped Mrs Godfrey to estimate and then count treasures she had stolen from Captain Hook’s pirate ship. They looked quickly at some bowls of gems, gold coins,  and camels and held up a number card to show their estimate. We then counted the treasure and Neverland then made this number out of Numicon. 

Super Science Investigation

Today in Science we learnt about the sense of taste and talked about flavours. 1 Neverland then carried out an investigation. Wearing blindfolds, the children tasted different foods and discussed whether they thought the food tasted sweet, sour or salty. Some foods were more popular than others. The children practised recording their ideas in a table.

Literacy – Percy the park keeper

Today in Literacy we read and discussed another story, One Snowy Night, by Nick Butterworth. After looking at the title and front cover, the children guessed what the story would be about. As we read, 1 Neverland joined in and acted out words in the story.Then we talked about the main characters, the setting and what happened in the story.