Monthly Archives: June 2016

Money, money, money.

This week we have been learning to add amounts of money and calculate change. We pretended to buy lots of things from shops using different coins and notes. We checked that we were receiving the right change from the very dishonest shopkeeper, Mrs Godfrey.

Super Science

This week 2 Dahl learnt how to identify living things. We shared a story about a lady called Mrs Gren and the children then used this to help us discuss what all living things do, with a focus on humans. After this we watched a video about plants and many children were surprised that plants can move and sense light. The children then explored a range of plants, mix beasts and pictures of animals and plants and discussed in groups whether things were alive or not alive and why the thought this. The mini-beasts were a definite favourite, especially when one ant decided to escape into the classroom!