Monthly Archives: May 2016

Year 2 Pounce on Paradise Park

After attending a talk on camouflage, Year 2 explored Paradise Park and discovered many creatures both great and small. The children were all surprised by the size of an anaconda they found lurking in the reptile house. Other favourites were the white lion and snow leopards…thankfully we had no snow, just a sun-filled day. 

Cool Cycling

Today, 2 Dahl all had a scooter and cycling session on the playground. We discussed how to stay safe when cycling and scooting and how to steer and start and stop in a controlled way, then the children scooted or cycled around a series of obstacle courses. The children all managed to ride down a straight course, wavy path and a busy crossroad.The children all did brilliantly, Mrs Godfrey was the only person  who was a little wobbly at times!

Science Week

After finishing off their KS1 SATS, 2 Dahl spent some of the week carrying out scientific investigations. Following on from a recent PSHE session on how to care for their teeth, 2 Dahl investigated toothpaste. First we discussed the ingredients and what each did and what we needed the paste to do. Then as a class we then made the recipe and thought how we could evaluate our toothpaste. We then worked in small groups and made up our own toothpaste recipes by changing just one ingredient. We evaluated our toothpaste by measuring and judging how well it removed a marker pen from a tile; the smell; the appearance; how well the paste stayed on the brush. We recorded our results in a table and wrote a short conclusion.

OnTuesday, 2 Dahl attended a science workshop on life cycles. The met and learnt about a range of creatures including an amazing tarantula spider, a thin stick insect, an enormous snail and a long and very active python.