Monthly Archives: March 2016

Discussing and Performing Poems

This week in Literacy, we have been learning to discuss the features of a poem. After talking about repeating patterns, descriptive language, punctuation and structure, the children worked in small groups to read a poem out loud in unison.



Space Exploration

This week we learnt about space exploration and its implications. We then used the drama technique of conscience alley to debate whether we ought to continue exploring space or whether we ought to stop space exploration. 2 Dahl put forward some good arguments both for, and against, continuing space exploration.

Interpreting Pictograms

This week in Maths 2 Dahl are learning to interpret information in pictograms and bar charts. Today we discussed the features of pictograms then constructed a class pictogram to show our favourite fruits. We interpreted and answered and asked questions about the data. 


Awesome Apostrophes

Today 2 Dahl recapped how apostrophes can be used in contractions to show missing letters. They then watched and discussed a short videoclip to help them learn the rules for using apostrophes to show belonging. The children then all wrote apostrophes in sentences.

Measuring space worms.

Today we recapped how to measure length and height and what equipment and units of measurement we would use. 2 Dahl then worked in groups to create space aliens that were specific lengths. At the end of the lesson we put all the space worms in order, shortest to longest and then discussed how we could use greater than and less than signs to compare lengths. 


Magnificent Measures

This week in Maths we are learning how to measure a variety of things. Today we discussed the temperature and how we can measure how hot and cold things are and read the scale on a thermometer. Some of the class were surprised to hear there are numbers that go down below zero. In Guided Reading, we have been looking at books about space and learning the temperature of different planets.