Monthly Archives: February 2016

Year 5 Reading Buddies

On Friday afternoon, Year 2 were visited by Year 5 children. All the children in 2 Dahl chose a book from the book corner and shared this with their Year 5 reading buddy. They took it turns to read sections of the book. It was lovely to hear the classroom filled with the sound of super reading. 2 Dahl had a great time. A big thank you to Year 5 – we are looking forward to seeing you all again next week! 


















Colourful Computing

This week, 2 Dahl explored the application, Paint, on the laptops. They practised changing the brush type and colour, then inserted shapes and made them different colours.They also learnt how to erase parts of their picture and undo and redo actions. 


Dramatic Space Exploration in PE

This week in PE, 2 Dahl practised turning, twisting, jumping and moving in different ways as they imagined they were astronauts exploring space. The astronauts blasted off from Earth, carried out an untethered space walk in zero gravity and touched down gently on the surface of the Moon. We also visited story land and imagined we had discovered a new planet and found aliens.



This week 2 Dahl have been developing their ICT skills. Children recapped how to logon on the laptops, then learnt how to type and edit text using a keyboard. They practised using basic formatting tools to change the font size and colour.



Sketching the Sydney Opera House

Today in Theme, 2 Dahl discussed landmarks in London and then looked at an Australian landmark, the Sydney Opera House. We talked about the different lines we could see in a picture of the building and whether they were curved or straight, horizontal or vertical. We then sketched the building in pencil. Not all children knew what an opera was, so at the end of the day we listened to an extract from an Italian opera.


Reading and following instructions

In Guided Reading today a group of  children discussed the features of instructions and then followed them to make some bread. We washed our hands first and also talked about how to measure flour and water accurately using scales. 


Fantabulous Fractions

Last week, 2 Dahl recapped common fractions like half and quarter by helping Chef Godfrey to make a pizza, make chocolate bars and cut up fairy cakes. They then learnt how to write a fraction and what a numerator and denominator represented. After this the children set to work and identified and coloured in fractions of shapes. This was closely followed by work on fractions of amounts. 2 Dahl used written methods to find out fractions of amounts, such as three quarters of twenty. Fractiontastic!