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Food Glorious Food – Scumptious Spuds!

2 Dahl had a special visit from some members of last year’s 2 Dahl. We all were amazed by the super spuds that 3 Donaldson have been digging up out of the school garden.IMG_7286[1]


Week 4 in 2 Dahl

In Maths we will be working on addition and subtraction. Meanwhile, on the Science front 2 Dahl will be learning about the frog life cycle. In our Theme lesson, we will be having a visit from Samuel Pepys and discussing the importance of his diary. Following this, 2 Dahl will then write their own Samuel Pepys diary entries in Literacy, and also learn about adjectives and spelling patterns.

Human Life Cycle

In Science, the children discussed the human life cycle and discussed the differences between the different stages. They looked at pictures of themselves when they were younger and talked about how they had grown and changed, and all the things they could do now that they couldn’t do when they were younger.

IMG_7240[1] IMG_7241[1] IMG_7255[1] IMG_7256[1] IMG_7257[1] IMG_7259[1] IMG_7260[1] IMG_7261[1] IMG_7262[1] IMG_7283[1] IMG_7263[1] IMG_7264[1] IMG_7272[1] IMG_7270[1] IMG_7269[1] IMG_7268[1] IMG_7267[1] IMG_7266[1] IMG_7279[1] IMG_7277[1] IMG_7278[1] IMG_7274[1] IMG_7275[1] IMG_7276[1]

Coming up…week 2

This week in Maths, the children will be rounding numbers, and then starting work on addition. In Literacy 2 Dahl will be working on their handwriting, and also developing their character and setting descriptions, using Oliver’s Vegetables as the inspiration.

We will continue work on our topic in Theme, the Great Fire of London and the children will be creating storyboards to depict events that took place during the Great Fire of London.

In Science, 2 Dahl will be learning about the human life cycle and discussing the differences between the different stages.

Oliver’s and 2 Dahl’s Vegetables

This week in Literacy, 2 Dahl read and discussed the book, Oliver’s Vegetables and sequenced events in the story and described the vegetables that the boy, Oliver, discovered in his Grandpa’s garden.  2 Dahl then acted out the key events and discussed how Oliver felt at different points in the story. Then, after exploring and using the school’s own garden for inspiration, they drew their own vegetable patches and wrote descriptions of the vegetables they had ‘planted’ in their own gardens.