Monthly Archives: May 2015


Today after looking at the features of a newspaper for children, 2 Dahl transformed into journalists. They began work on planning and typing their own newsletter using Microsoft Word. They learnt about electronic folders and how these are similar to their drawers in the classroom. They also saved their work and recognised the importance of saving their work regularly. They explored some of the functions on the toolbar and the children enjoyed increasing the font size and changing the font colour of the title and subheadings to make them stand out. 


Acting out scenes of a story in Guided Reading

Today in Guided Reading, a group of children worked on developing their expression when reading speech in a story. As they read, they searched for clues in the text to help them work out how the character was feeling and what tone of voice they might use. After reading the story, the children then worked in pairs and acted out some scenes with dialogue. Oscar nominations coming up!


Identifying animals and their habitats

This week in Science we discussed different habitats and the variety of animals and plants that live in them.  2 Dahl then played an animal hunt and match-the animal-to-the-habitat game to help them identify the habitat where some less common animals could be found. Some children used their knowledge of films, like ‘Rio,’ to help them think of the habitat in which a toucan would be seen flapping around. The children then picked an animal and drew a labelled picture of the habitat it would live in. 


Prayer Space Activity

Today the children explored special activities relating to prayer.  

Highs and Lows in PE

This week we spent some time discussing the importance of warming up before exercise and thought about a range of warm-up exercises the class could perform.  The children then explored ways in which they could move along, through and over the apparatus, at the same time changing the position of their bodies to make different parts higher and lower than others. The children also remembered that the body part, knee, was spelt with today’s focus sound in phonics. 


Dangerous Animals – Camouflage

In Theme this week, the children discussed camouflage and looked at a range of animals and why animals needed camouflage.  The children pretended they were predators and prey animals and thought about how they used camouflage to either help protect themselves or to help them hunt other animals. 2 Dahl then tried to paint a chameleon, which had lost its colours, so that it would blend in with a particular background to help protect itself from predators.They selected water colour paints and mixed them to make colours and patterns. How many chameleons can you spot?