Monthly Archives: April 2015

Super Story Writing

Today the children in 2 Dahl transformed into Roal Dahl and wrote a sequel to a Roald Dahl story of their choice. They worked hard to include connectives, a range of punctuation, interesting adjectives and adverbs and form their letters neatly. 



Measuring length in Maths

Today in Maths we discussed how we can measure length and height accurately in centimetres and millimetres using a ruler or tape measure. We also talks about how we could measure longer distances and heights in kilometres. We then measured a range of lines and wrote down their length.  


Dahl, Rosen and Blake

In Literacy, over the next 2 weeks we will be exploring the work of Roald Dahl, Michael Rosen and Quentin Blake. We started this week with each Year 2 class carrying out research to find out more about each of these people and sharing this information with the other classes. Next we learnt about Dahl’s made-up language, ‘Gobblefunk’ and we had fun creating our own new words in the same style. We then watched Michael Rosen performing several of his poems and discussed what we liked about his performance. After this we worked in small groups to performs verses of the poem, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. The week was finished off with a handwriting session where we  worked on forming our ascenders correctly in our words.





Observing and Describing Plants

In Science this week we discussed plants and their leaves and what leaves do and why they are green. We looked at paint charts to help us do this. We then went on a plant hunt and looked carefully at the colour of their green leaves and tried to match the colour up with a colour on our paint charts. We recognised how the colour green can appear in many different shades.   


















Easter CSI

This morning 2 Dahl returned from break to discover their chocolate egg had been destroyed and some of it eaten! They discussed what they could do to find out what had happened. They looked for clues in the classroom and thought who had come into the classroom that morning who knew we had an egg. The found a muddy footprint on the carpet and measured it. There were three possible suspects who had been spotted acting suspiciously…very suspiciously in the area..Mr Billing, Mr Joe, And Ms Carol! The children questioned these usual suspects and noticed a foil wrapper in Mr Billing’s hand and chocolate on Mr Joe’s chin! 2 Dahl wrote down who they thought was the culprit. All was revealed by Mr BIlling via Twitter!