Monthly Archives: March 2015

Play, Problem Solving, and Easter Activities

Today we were visited by a a theatre group who performed ‘The Jungle Book’ to the whole school. After this in Maths, 2 Dahl continued their work on solving open-ended word problems and recording their answers. In the afternoon we made chocolate nests and also set to work on other Easter themed activities.  A while ago we had some Swedish visitors and teachers in our school and to finish the day we read some special letters we had recently received from school children who lived in Sweden.    





Easter Craft

This afternoon, we made some Easter cards. 










Phonics Sound Hunt

Today, we recapped a range of sounds and then hunted down these sounds in the classroom. Once we had found the sound on a post-it note we then wrote down as many words as we could think of that contained that sound in one minute. We realised that there is often more than one way to write the same sound.



SKy Skills Studio

What a great day out! Some of the children in Year 5 and 6 spent a technology filled morning at the Sky Skills Studio. After a debriefing in front of a very, large plasma screen, the children had a whistle stop tour of the make, shape and share floors in the Sky Studios. We visited the golf set and goggled at an expensive camera and learnt how important lighting is to create atmosphere. Then, the children’s saw oodles of high-tech screens where the quality of the pictures and sound is closely monitored. After this, the children transformed into roving reporters, directors, editors and cameramen and worked in teams to create their own news report on natural disasters. Then, we left Sky and headed to Kew Gardens for a bite of lunch before returning to school. 





Persuasive Writing – Awesome Adverts

Today 2 Dahl learnt how to write persuasive texts. We talked about the purpose of an advert and then discussed the features of a range of adverts. We noticed they had eye-catching colous, used different sized and shaped fonts, had adjectives, and often used different shaped and coloured boxes, which all grabbed our attention. We learnt how we could make our adverts stand out by adding funny words by combining two parts of words like ‘chocolicious.’ We then created our own adverts to persuade people to buy a chocolate treat for Easter.