Monthly Archives: December 2014

Christmas Cookies

This morning 2 Dahl rolled up their sleeves and developed their baking skills. We read, discussed and followed a recipe for Christmas Cookies. We used digital scales to weigh out ingredients such as icing sugar, margarine, and flour and talked about the difference between plain and self raising flour and why we needed to grease baking trays and sprinkle flour on our work surface before rolling out our dough. Children were very good at spotting the changes in our mixture as we added the different ingredients. Once the cookies had baked, 2 Dahl did a fantastic job of decorating them with icing and sprinkles. A big well done and thank you to the class for such a great morning and for tidying up so brilliantly afterwards…it was particularly appreciated to have some very helpful ‘washer uppers’ in the class!








Deco day in 2 Dahl

Today the glitter and glue hit the classroom. 2 Dahl got snipping and sticking and hey presto…suddenly the room was full of some very cheeky looking elves. We had fun singing along to Christmas songs as we also tried our hand at making chocolate reindeer faces. Some of us wanted to make a life-size chocolate Rudolph! In the afternoon we began making Christmas cards and snow globes. We learnt how to make a sphere, cone and cylinder shape out of plasticine to create a Christmas tree, a Santa and a snowman.





Positional language and directions

This week we enjoyed learning how to give directions using left, right, forwards, backwards and compass directions, North, South, East and West. We pretended to be a robot and we took turns to give instructions on how to find certain objects in a grid. We then wrote clear directions to direct a pirate to some treasure on a map. Also this week we looked at grid references on treasure maps and had a go at writing our own.





Feeling Christmassy in 2 Dahl

There was a flurry of Christmas colouring going down in 2 Dahl as the children made Christmas hats. They then wore their hats at the Christmas dinner. The cracker jokes did not disappoint….one of the best was…What do snowmen eat? Ice ‘bergers’. Christmas tree shaped ice cream proved a little slippery to hold but went down well. It was lovely to sit down with the children and have time to chat. I would just like to say how very proud I am of 2 Dahl for all their hard work on their school play and over the last term. You all have fantastic children!