Monthly Archives: November 2014

A stitch in time

Today in Theme 2 Dahl continued working on their Great Fire of London collages. The children looked at their collage designs and used these to select and then cut coloured felt to the right shape and size. 2 Dahl then developed their sewing skills when they used running stitch to attach the pieces of felt to a calico bag. A big thank you to all the parent helpers who came along today, the children really enjoyed having you in class.




Data handling in Maths

In Maths this week, we began looking at ways to show and organise information. We studied a range of pictograms, then drew our own. After this we discussed how we could collect and record data. We then carried out a traffic survey and recorded on a tally chart the number and colours of vehicles we spotted.




Poetry in Motion

This week we continued our poetry topic in Literacy. 2 Dahl read and discussed the features and meaning of a poem, The Magic Box,’ by Kit Wright. The following day a magic box turned up in the classroom and we imagined what special things we might put in the box and wrote our own poems about this. Here’s a sample of our work…

The Magic Box (by 2 Dahl)

I will put in the box,
A sparkling, glowing, white snowflake from the North Pole,
A yummy, tasty cheeseburger,
A dark, stormy cloud.

I will put in the box,
A pinch of a bright, pink rainbow,
An enormous, gigantic, multicoloured firework,
A taste of some poisonous scorpion blood.

I will put in the box,
A sparkling, glimmering crystal with snow on it,
A glass angel,
A red and white person called Father Christmas.

I will put in the box,
A shiny, golden key,
A witch with a blue tattoo,
An amazing, wobbly tooth.

I will put in the box,
A cheeky three year old sister,
A first laugh of a witch,
A brown, golden, wooden treasure box.

I will put in the box,
A field of shiny, green grass,
A wavy, dancing daisy,
An amazing, tasty, scrumptious gingerbread man.

I will put in the box,
A shiny, metal iPad,
A precious, gleaming toy peacock,
A bright, gold, hot summer.

I will put in the box,
A red arch of a rainbow,
Captain America’s shield,
A shiny, glamorous pair of silver high heels.

I will put in the box,
A poem about my mum,
A blue, glittery Elsa dress,
A drop of water from the freezing ocean.

I will put in the box,
A great, new video game,
A stupendous, scuttling, nibbling hamster,
A spooky ghost on a chip
Using it as a broomstick,

And the laughter of a happy class.