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Weather wheels in French

Today It was great to visit 4 Rowling and observe a French lesson. First, the children recapped the months of the year in French. Then they learnt how to describe the weather before making some super weather wheels, which showed the months of the year and different weathers…all in French. Great work 4 Rowling!



Magical Measuring in Maths

We have been learning how to read scales in Maths this week. Today 2 Dahl have been making potions to help them learn to measure capacity. Harry Potter needed the children’s help to measure out some ingredients for a range of potions he was making at Hogwarts. After recapping how to read different scales in millilitres, the children set to work in small groups. They had great fun as they measured out and checked precise amounts of some gruesome liquids, such as 10ml of camel snot, 300ml of blood, and 750ml of stagnant sea water. Harry Potter was very impressed with their measuring skills and also by the fact that not too much of the potions ended up on the classroom floor!



Signs and symbols in RE

We started learning about signs and symbols in RE this week. We discussed what signs we knew and their features. Then we thought about why we needed signs and how they were useful. After this we worked in small groups to make up our own signs and then explained what they were for to the rest of the class.


This week in 2 Dahl

2 Dahl have had another busy week…on Monday Samuel Pepys visited the class and discussed and shared his diary entries about the Great Fire of London. The children were all surprised to learn that as the fire approached his house Pepys grabbed his wine, Parmesan cheese and diary and buried them in his garden! 2 Dahl imagined they were Pepys and wrote some amazing diary entries and it was impressive that many of them remembered and included actual phrases from Pepys’s diary such as “lamentable fire.”

In Maths, 2 Dahl have been learning to measure in centimetres using a ruler and tape measure. They really enjoyed measuring virtually everything in the classroom, including themselves! We linked our learning about measuring in Maths to Science. The children discussed things we could do to answer the question…Do taller people have bigger feet? They worked in small groups and measured their feet in centimetres and then put themselves in height order to work out the answer. The children presented their information in a graph and wrote down what they had found out from their results. What do you think was the answer?

In Literacy, the children explored some fables and discussed the personalities of the two animal characters. The class watched another fable about an ant and grasshopper. We discussed how even though the grasshopper didn’t collect food in Spring and was mean to the ant, the ant still shared his food with the grasshopper. We then had an interesting debate about which character the children thought was in the right. We also spent a lesson exploring synonyms we could use to describe a character’s personality.




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This week

In Maths the children will be learning to measure length and draw lines accurately using a ruler and tape measure. To help your child at home, encourage them to estimate and then measure the length of objects at home. Can they also draw straight lines that are specific lengths, for example 4cm, 12cm and 20cm?

We will be linking Science and Maths this week and investigating if taller people have bigger (longer) feet.

Meanwhile in Literacy, the children will start to look at traditional tales. They will be developing their character descriptions and also learning how to use a dictionary and a thesaurus.

Samuel Pepys visits 2 Dahl

Today in our topic lesson we discussed how we know what happened during the Great Fire of London. Samuel Pepys popped into our classroom and shared some of his diary entries with us. We discussed the features of a dIary. We found some of the words Pepys used a little strange when he said his heart was full of trouble! We then pretended we were all Samuel Pepys and acted out what happened to us on Sunday 2nd September, 1666. After this we grabbed our diaries and wrote our own diary entries as if we were Samuel Pepys.