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How humans grow and change.

In Science, 2 Dahl discussed the human life cycle and how we start off as babies and then change as we grow. The children were all fascinated and also found it hilarious to look at photographs of each other as babies. After this they worked in small groups to put together a timeline that showed the different stages of the human life cycle.


Super Sketching

Today in Theme, 2 Dahl examined pictures of Tudor houses and flames and discussed the colours and shapes they could see and how they could recreate these in a drawing. They then sketched their own pictures of the Great Fire of London and coloured them in with coloured pencils.





Coming up…

In Maths 2 Dahl will be learning about money and will be adding different coins and finding the total. They will also start to work out what change they will get if they start with specific sums of money.
Here is a link to some ict money games that your child could try at home to help them.

In Literacy, children will finish writing their stories. After this they will spend some time working on their punctuation, as well as learning some more joins in handwriting.

In Science we they will be looking at the different stages of the human life cycle, while in Theme 2 Dahl will be developing their sketching skills when the children draw pictures of the Great Fire of London.


This week in dance 2 Dahl looked at the difference between a deflated and inflated ballon. They discussed ways to describe the movement of a balloon and then threw and caught balloons in pairs. After this the children pretended they were balloons and put together a balloon dance. Meanwhile, in outdoor PE we developed our ball skills by throwing, catching and bouncing balls in small groups.





Science next week

Please could you send in a named photograph of your child as a baby or toddler for next Tuesday 30th September. As part of our topic we will be looking at the human life cycle and how the children have changed since they were babies. Photographs will be returned to you after the lesson. Many thanks.