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Henry VIII…was he a good king?

In Theme, we looked closely at portraits of Henry VIII, then watched and listened to video and audio clips about him before carrying out our own research on the iPads. We then discussed whether we thought he was a good king, or not.
By popular demand…here are links to the clips we used in class. The Potter Class had fantastic fun singing along with Henry VIII during the Horrible Histories song. Super singing!

Super sketching

As part of our topic work, we sketched kings and queens, then explored mixing paint colours to create flesh tones to use on our portraits. We experimented mixing a range of colours, including yellow, red, white, brown, black, and blue, which produced some interesting results.



The Potter Class has had a sport filled week! The week launched with an assembly given by guest speaker, Ian Rose. The Potter Class then roundered, danced and kurled their way through the week, with the icing on the cake being a super sports day. This year’s sports day was made even better by the school having running water, and flushing toilets!





Architects design Motte and Bailey Castle

In our first session on Kings, Queens and Castles, we looked at the Motte and Bailey Castle. A Norman lord and lady needed a castle building to protect them from rebel Anglo-Saxons. Teams of architects in the Potter Class had 15 seconds to look at the features of a Motte and Bailey castle and then 2 minutes to draw part of the design. We repeated this with different architects until the design was finished. We then evaluated our designs to see which team had produced the most accurate design and labelled the features of their castle. The team with the winning design read topic books in our class castle!

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