Monthly Archives: March 2014

Researching animal facts in Literacy

There was much excitement in the Potter Class when the IPads, as if by magic, appeared in the classroom. We worked in pairs and used the IPads to find out facts about an animal. We will then use these facts to write a report about our animal.



The Potter Class go to the end of the Earth

In theme lesson on explorers, the Potter Class discussed and researched some of the problems faced by Robert Falcon Scott and his team on their expedition to the South Pole. Despite wearing thick coats and hats, and having just eaten lunch, some of the class suffered from severe frostbite, exposure and starvation during their recreation of events in 1911-12.

Coming up this week in the Potter Class.

Literacy: at the beginning of the week children will be working in small groups and presenting facts they have found out about the explorer, Scott of the Antarctic. They will then develop their research skills by using information books to find out specific facts. Then we will start work towards the end of the week on report writing. After researching information about an animal on, the Potter Class will write their own paragraphs about animals.

Maths: we will be learning more about multiplication and division, and using our times table facts to help us.

Science: more about shadows this week. Fingers crossed the sun will make an appearance and the Potter Class will investigate how shadows change throughout the day.

Theme: this week the Potter Class will be boldly going and exploring the strange new world of the school grounds and making their own maps of the area. Who knows what mysteries they will discover as they do this?

Reminder to parents: The Year 3 school trip to the Jamia mosque will take place on Wednesday morning.