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Potter Class – back into the swing of things.

Dear All,

first of all, I’d like to welcome you all back now that we’re well and truly into the New Year. Although it seems ages ago, I’d like to thank you all for your warm Christmas wishes and gifts – I felt a little overwhelmed to say the least!

We’re all certainly back into the swing of things in the Potter Class. This week the Potter Class have been carrying on with their learning. In Literacy we’ve been focusing on creating calligrammes and shape poetry. The Potter Class came up with a range of designs, and impressed me with their drawing as well as their similes, use of repetitive phrases, onomatopoeia and adjectives.

In Maths we’ve looked at symmetry and drew and completed symmetrical patterns. In indoor PE today we managed to link Maths and PE when we worked with a partner to create a sequence of dance movements which our partners mirrored. Vivaldi and his Four Seasons gave us a helping hand with this!

On the Science front, our new topic is ‘Magnets and Springs’ and we investigated which materials are attracted to magnets. Mrs Godfrey brought in a range of objects for us to explore, including a glass marble, stainless steel spoon, a wooden twig, plastic Lego, cotton wool, a granite rock, copper pipe, paper, aluminium foil, an apple, jelly, and chocolate.  We had to resist eating some of the objects in our investigation!

‘Bonjour, bonsoir, Ça va, bien, Ça va mal’ and ‘au revoir were phrases that cropped up a lot in our French lesson this week when we role-played meeting and greeting a friend. Many children were extremely convincing when they were acting out being unwell!

On the subject of acting, we have started work on our Year 3 play which will be ‘Alice the Musical.’ We will be performing this just after half term. All children will have lines to learn so if you could help them with this at home, this will help us greatly.

Parents’ consultations are coming up as well and will take place week commencing 10th February. Please return your slip to let me know your preferred day and time for an appointment nd I will be in touch shortly with a meeting time.

In the meantime, if there is anything you wish to talk to me about regarding your child’s learning, or if you’d like to come in and help out in the Potter Class, please do not hesitate to catch me at the end of the day.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Briony Godfrey