Shopping lists for Jack’s mum

Today, after helping Jack’s mum plan a dinner for the Giant and lunch for Jack, 1 Neverland helped again by writing out shopping lists for Jack’s mum. They thought carefully aboutique adjectives they could use to describe the different foods on the list. By the end of the lesson all the writing and talk of succulent roast chicken…terrific soft tuna…cool clear water…phenomenal potatoes…left all of us longing for our lovely lunches! Awesome adjectives! 

Jack climbs another beanstalk.

Today in Literacy the children discussed hot places. In groups,they looked at the features of hot arid deserts and discussed what they had in common. They looked at where hot deserts tended to be in the world. They then imagined that Jack had climbed another beanstalk and  they described the hot place he found at the top of the beanstalk. “The desert was as hot as a volcano….hot as boiling lava…hot as an oven…Jack thought he would melt!” Super description!

Developing Inference

Today in Literacy, the children dressed up and worked in small groups to act out key scenes from Cinderella involving more than one character, using pictures as a prompt. As they did this they thought about how the different characters might be feeling. We then hot seated some of the characters before writing about the story events and how the characters felt at these points and why.

Wonderful Weather Reporting

This week 1 Neverland have been learning about the weather. We discussed the different seasons and how the weather changes. We then listened to a weather report and noticed how there were many ways that the  weather in different places could be described. 

We learnt we can measure the temperature using a thermometer and discussed what different temperatures felt like and how water freezes at 0 degrees centigrade. We then went outdoors and learnt how to read a simple scale on a thermometer. We noticed that it was colder outside than inside and the temperature outdoors was 9 degrees. We then completed our own class and individual weather charts.

 We also looked at Googlemaps and learnt about the countries that make up the United Kingdom and discussed accents in these areas. We guessed where the capital city of London is on a map and labelled our own maps of the United Kingdom. We also looked at where Abbots Langley is in the United Kingdom.  We learnt to describe the weather in different places using words like North, South, East and West and Northern England.

As well as discussing the weather we also worked in groups to then plan and perform a weather report to the class using special weather symbols and our own temperature labels.

Following instructions – did the gingerbread men run away?

In phonics the children read and discussed ‘The Gingerbread Man.’ They then read instructions to make a gingerbread man.They discussed the features of the instructions.After this the children followed the steps to make a gingerbread man. They weighed out and measured out ingredients using scales and different measuring spoons. We also discussed which ingredients were liquids and which were solids and where the spice cinnamon came from. We also learnt some new skills like rubbing in and why we need to line a baking tray and flour a table before we roll out dough! Super cooking and learning! Fortunately for us, our gingerbread men did not escape from the oven!